OPD Hours : Sunday to Friday - 8am to 5pm



 Phyiotherapy unit has completed eighteen years of service at SGNHC. Being a scientific physical procedure physiotherapy treatments are designed to treat the patients with disease, injury or disability to achieve and maintain functional rehabilitation and to oprevent malfunction or deformity. Physiotherapy unit is an integral part of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Health Promotion Department. It is spacious, well equipped and located on the ground floor room no.34. It plays vital role in prevention and management of cradiac disease. SGNHC is the only national center which is running cardiac rehabilitation exercise program in physiotherapy unit. It also provides services to various medical and surgical conditions which required physiotherapy treatment.


Future Plan

To provide safe and reliable physiotherapy service to the hospital. To make an effective cardiac rehabilitation team. To deliver community exercises programs via campus organized by SGNHC. Exercise tolerance test organized by SGNHC. REsearch activities on effectiveness of various exercise protocol.