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Anesthesiology is a clinical science and art which makes patient senseless and pain-free while maintaining safety and physiology of the patient during operation in the operation theater or during the procedures in the catheter laboratory. This field also takes care of critically ill patients in the ICU setting while needs different organ support. In outdoor setting preoperative check-up of the patients and pain management services are included. Similarly to provide knowledge and technique of basic life support during sudden death, checking or drowning is another field of   job in the community/schools.

As such anesthesia doctors are more stressed during their jobs to maintain normal physiology while patients are anesthetized. Moreover, cardiac anesthesiology is much more challenging, knowledge and skill demanding, updated monitoring system demanding and highly stressful job where the margin between safety and disaster is very less. So, the world federation of anesthesiologist and American Society of Anesthesiologist has recommended two anesthesiologists at a time during these operations.

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